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February 24th 

Irish up and coming Neo-Trad band Strings & Things begin the next chapter of their original work with fresh new song ‘Whispers’ 

Whispers tells the story of the mental mind. The song came to be written over the lockdown period of 2021 and basically  explains the feelings of a lot of us over that unprecedented time in the world. 


This song displays the ever evolving sound of the band and how overtime the sounds, tones and melodies composed all vary greatly from what they have released previous. Whispers delves into the mind and emotions that one might feel when they are isolated by themselves for too long and need to get out of the headspace they are already in. The repetitiveness of the lyric “gone insane” conveys the voice in someone’s head telling them it’s time for a change of scenery and that the charade of being alone has gone on for far too long.


“This song was a fun one to work on because the opening lyrics, ‘Ive gone insane, please get me out of here’ really just summed up how a lot of people were feeling throughout all the times we were restricted to our homes and all you were left with was staring at the four walls. The rest of the song just came to life after that. I didn't want a sad song, just something a bit boppy and people could sing along to and i felt that we achieved that in the feel of the song’’ says percussionist

Eoin Shelly. 


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