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rework cover swquare.png

"A shinning tribute to their originals"

12th June


Re:Work” is about applying experience to already written music and seeing what can be made of it. It's the evolution of sound with disregarding repertoire. The 5 tracks featured on this EP are a second look, altered versions if you will, of their original  releases in 2017’s “Turbulence” & 2017’s “Anorak Jack”


Since then, the band has undergone changes, resulting in a change of line up & sound, something in which the band felt needed to be reflected in the music they wrote.

Each track has been broken down and built back up, whilst still trying to keep the original theme and emotions evident.

It has given them a chance to reflect on the past and look to the future; solidifying their sound for everyone to hear. “Too Much Too Ask” has a darker, more gritty undertone, which opens this EP. Meanwhile, “Day In The Life” has more punch to it, with overall quality of the tracks seeing an improvement also.


All the tracks on This EP are a shining tribute to their original release and an exciting look at what Strings & Things have to offer in the future.

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